Transformational counseling allows you to become that person you have always longed to become.

When we experience pain, abuse, or shame, we are given a lie about who we are. Who we believe ourselves to be can become untrue.

It is possible to fixate on those events and to experience a sadness about them long after they are over.

Properly dealing with the past has profound effects on our success in the future. By success, I mean the empowerment in ourselves to be vulnerable with others while remaining strong in our identity.

I help you go through this process to discovering your true authentic self.

You will be safe in journeying with me as I guide you through grief into joy.

When you know who you are, you can reconcile your history and grow in your true authentic self; you can begin to love the person you truly are.

Are you ready for a transformation?

I Am Ready!

A no-obligation call is a great way to answer your questions

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